Substance use reduction and HIV disease

In the midst of a fatal drug epidemic and shifting drug policy in the United States, there is continued interest in the relationship between illicit drug use and negative health outcomes. Substance use is a tricky exposure to measure, and often studies focus on subpopulations of interest. Recently I collaborated with colleagues Robin Nance and Chris Delaney on a study finding that reduction in frequency of illicit opioid and methamphetamine use is associated with viral suppression among people living with HIV. Read more at the UW CHOICE Blog.

Ecological studies of marijuana

Recently there has a been a lot of hype about the potential for marijuana legalization to control the opioid epidemic. Press examples are here and here.

A number of ecological studies have been published on the topic, and findings from these investigations are more and more being commented on by the media or used in advertising:

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In my post on the University of Washington CHOICE Blog, I describe some of the problems with ecological study designs.